30th July: Kalisha Jayne Gordon dies from hemorrhagic shock due to ectopic pregnancy.

6th August: police starts investigation.

6th August: Gordon family employs a lawyer.

Police & lawyer still investigating the treatment of Kalisha Gordon.

FUNDRAISING: The walk for Kalisha completed on Kalish's birthday 6th December. The walk started at about 9:45am at Kalisha's familiy home with about 100 walkers.The walk finished at about 1 pm in Cheltenham. At 4pm we celebrated Kalisha's birthday with entertainment at Chequers bridge youth centre. Entertainment included Shelina, Kathryn and Natasha Wallace, Holy and natalie former members of 3 unique, mark Taylor (AkA BT)and dancers. At about 10pm the Gordon familiy and Kalisha's friends went to Interaction night club to celebrate her life.

On the 20th December a sponsored swim was organised. This was a 200 length swim ( 3 miles) and was completed by Lloyd, Kate bailey, Kim Royce and Chris Skelton. This swim took Lloyd 2hours 16 minutes to complete

Febuary 26th 2009: Sent a letter to Prime Minister with Kalisha's and Nelly sima's story, contact from 10 Downing Street and have been put through to Minister for Europe at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Been very helpful, from them we obtained address for Cyprus Medical Association, and Minister of Health in Cyprus. British Government limited to what they can do, due to Legal reasons.

March 6th 2009: Wrote to GMTV explaining Kalisha's story, they wrote back to us, saying they have passed the letter on to their newsroom.
They also made it clear not to get our hopes up in vain, due to the fact that they have a high volume of correspondence from people requiring help.

Contacted BBC Watchdog, they shall not be researching this case.

April 16th 2009:
Lloyd & Jayne Gordon has meeting with Parmjit Dhanda,(Local MP) we explained to him about Kalisha's story, and Parmjit and his colleagues has been very helpful in helping us in our case, i.e. contacting members of the European Parliament. Cannot go into much detail untill a later date.

June 1 2009:
Letter sent to President of Cyprus Medical Association asking why no one has been suspended after Kalisha's Death and Nelly Sima's story.

June 17th:
Reply from Cyprus Medical Association, they have referred the doctor to their Ethics Committee.

June 10th: Police explain that the Public prosecutor is still investigating the case, and that it'll take time because of the seriousness of the case.

Investigation still ongoing untill further notice. We shall contact all friends with updates.

Family Planning fundraising event for 31st July.Please check Fundraising page.

August 3rd 2009:
The Celebration of Kalisha's Life went very well. Family and Friends enjoyed a great night, we shall not disclose amounts raised on this Web-site. Contact family and friends for amounts collected, and sent to the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust shall use the Money to help raise awareness of the condition, amongst the General Public & Medical Profession. Well-done to all that supported the cause.KALISHA SPEAKS.XXXXXXXXXXXXX