Our Thoughts:
God, what a mess.  
I would never have envisaged ever having to endure this pain.  When you're watching the news and parents have lost their child, I would always wonder what the parents must be going through.  I guess now we know.  Even while building this site, I can't believe that Kalisha is no longer with us. 
I wonder why such a beautiful person has been ripped from our lives.  We miss everything about our daughter, even the things that used to annoy us: like playing Beyonce's songs at full blast to distortion; her favourite saying "Got any change dad?"; and me being her favourite taxi service.  

She was a very bubbly, cheerful person.  Kalisha's young cousins, and her friends' children are all missing her dearly.  Kalisha really loved children and always had time to play with them.  She would have made an excellent mother.  Her brother and sisters are putting on a brave face, but the pain is still there. 
We have no choice but to take one day at a time.