Kalisha and her child may have passed away in a very sad way, but her life was far from sad, she was always bright and bubbly, even running jokes on me, even if we had words between us, the following day, i would still be angry but Kalisha would just return from work and say "alright Dad " and then all the anger would immediately disapear from me.
Proof that we can learn so much from Children.
I so miss visiting her while she's working within Debenhams. I used to wonder how could someone be so happy even at work.
At the end of every month one thing you could always Guarantee is that Kalisha would come home, and struggle to climb the stairs with what would seem like a million bags full of new clothes.
I suppose all we can do now is make the best out of a bad situation, and appreciate each other more than yesterday, because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Thank's Lord for 21 years of ups and downs and a beautiful personality (Kalisha Jayne Gordon). I know your with your real Father now,safe from any more pain.