The Grief

Family July 2009.
I would like to commend Jayne,(my wife) for handling this situation so well, because i know that Jayne endured the pain of Kalisha's Birth, now she has to endure the pain of her Death.
Kalisha and jayne were so close, they were more like best friends, as well as Mother and Daughter.
From hearing the Dreaded news a large part of Jayne has been taken away, never to return. Respect to you Jayne.

Shelina,Josiah,Janessa. I feel are all to young to have to go through this. One things for sure, this will only make you stronger. my advice is in Kalisha's memory grab every opportunity, and do the best you can in life, cause tomorrow isn't promised.


It feels like we've lost our Beautiful Daughter, and in her place we have adopted this "terrible thing"
that is there when we wake,
it likes to spends the day with us,
and until we go to sleep it is there, silent
sometimes it has the audacity to wake us when we are asleep.
"GRIEF" they call it. The word is an underestimate of the real feeling.

From a Father's perspective i can't help feeling that i have always protected our children, but when Kalisha needed me most i wasn't there to help her. 21 years myself and Jayne guided you, but now it's as if you are guiding us through these times, who knows of the out-come of all this, what we do know is we shall be forever thinking of Kalisha and her baby. R.I.P KEASHA.

Adding to the Grief:
We also feel they have disrespected the Gordon family and Kalisha's friends, because while under investigation this Doctor is still practicing,(should be suspened immediately). This just adds more fuel to my fire.