Nelly Aspenkrantz

Please read, this e-mail was sent to our other Daughter Shelina, from a Swedish lady called Nelly Aspenkrantz, what she experienced within weeks after Kalisha's Death. We have been adviced by our Lawyer's to withdraw names from this Letter.

Nelly Aspenkrantz

August 21 at 3:21pm
If you are Kelishas sister please contact me if you have the strength. I went through the same doctor and had the same diagnosis and he missed it as well, i might be able to help you so that he will never hurt another human being ever again. Shelina Gordon

September 3 at 8:21pm
yea this is Kalishas sister... wer r u from?? wat as your situation and outcome?? x

September 4 at 2:03pm
First of all I would like to say that I am so incredible sorry for your loss.

My name is Nelly and I am from Sweden. I came to Ayia Napa last year to work at my old job in the waterpark. I was the first aid nurse there.

Im married to a wonderful man and we decided to try for a baby so here is my story.

July 14: Went to see Dr ------------ in ------- private hospital with my husband. I had already made a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I was just a little scared that something was wrong,had a weird feeling. He made an ultrasound and told me not to worry: I quote: The baby is in the uterus and everything looks fine and normal. By the count of it I was already 5 weeks pregnant and by that time if you make an ultrasound from the inside you can clearly see if it is a ectopic pregnancy. Any doctor can tell you that. So I was calm cause i trusted him fully.

July 28: Went to see Dr ------------- again. He made an ultrasound again and said that everything looked fine. He told me to start eating folic acid.

August 5: Went to see Dr --------------. I had a little brown bleeding so I was worried and went to see him. He made an ultrasound and told me that it was a bit small so he gave me Duphaston 10mg to make the baby grow faster. He said: I quote: Dont worry, you are pregnant but you need to take it easy. So I took time off from work.

August 8: Went to check again because I was worried and Dr ----------- made another ultrasound and the baby was the same size as before so he told me to give it a few more days with the Duphaston 10mg so I did.

August 9: I had stopped bleeding and I wanted to check again and by that time I was 9+ weeks pregnant. I felt that Dr -------------- started to get annoyed with me but he made another ultrasound and he told me not to worry cause everything looked normal.

August 12: I woke up with some pain and I tried to go to the toilet but the pain increased and I passed out. I woke up in my bed and I was in agony, sweating and vomiting and then collapsed again. My husband took me straight to the clinic and Dr ------------ made me see another ultrasound specialist Dr -------- and as soon as she made the ultrasound she immediately saw that it was a ectopic pregnancy in the 10th week and that it had started to bleed a lot. They took me straight to the casualty and performed an emergency surgery. They went through the stomach and removed my left fallopian tube as well as the baby. I lost over 2 liters of blood and I was very close to not making it alive. They almost lost me on the table.

I have now left Cyprus and im feeling better physically but psychologically im a mess. I feel so selfish writing this to you cause your sister doesn't have the luxury that I have and that is to be alive. I dream about her every night and I wish I could have helped her. I cannot believe that the same doctor made the same mistake twice in just two weeks. Imagine how many more mistakes he has made during his whole life? He must be stopped. As a doctor you can never make mistakes like this. I have later found out that the doctor suspected ectopic pregnancy from week 5(which in that case there are laws to follow and make sure that its not ectopic with boodtests and so on..), so i confronted him why he hadnt told me?! He simply said that he didnt want to worry me...can you believe it? I almost died and he didnt want to worry me!!!!!?? I have so much hate and anger inside me towards him. I also found out that your sister had asked the same doctor how her baby was doing the night she came in to the clinic and the doctor responded...dont worry, the baby is good. Im sorry if i in any way upset you but i thought you would want to know.
I felt the same as Kalisha as we were in the same horrible situation and I will never stop thinking about her. Although im very grateful to be alive i feel that it is so unfair that i made it and she didnt.