A Tribute To The Life Of Kalisha Gordon

This Web-site is dedicated to the life of our precious daughter, who we greatly miss. We hope and pray that one day we shall get answers to our questions: How was she treated in her last few hours?

Kalisha's Life:
Kalisha was born to Lloyd & Jayne Gordon on the 6th of December 1986. She has two sisters, Shelina, 20, Janessa, 16, and a brother, Josiah, 18. Kalisha had a boyfriend, Daniel, 23, whom she was with for three years. She was very academic at school and a bright, joyful person who loved to work hard and play hard.

Her Plans:
Early 2008, Kalisha told us of her plans to temporarily leave her job at Warehouse, in the House of Frasier, and work in Aiya Napa, Greece, with friends. On the 11th of June 2008 Kalisha and her two friends, Liashan and Georgia, flew to Cyprus. Prior to them leaving it was the happiest I have seen her. I think it's because she was going to do what she always wanted to do. Kalisha had the time of her life there: some of the photos on this web-site will prove this.

The Pregnancy:
Kalisha had a flight booked to come home to tell us the good news about her pregnancy on the 30th of July 2008; her friends say she did not want to tell us over the phone. On the morning of July 30th, Kalisha did not feel well, she was in a lot of pain and vomiting violently. Liashan and Rachel took Kalisha to --------- Hospital. After leaving Kalisha to collect some of her clothes, they returned to the hospital to be told that Kalisha had died. The treatment of Kalisha during these last few hours is under the investigation of the police and our lawyers.